Wednesday, April 2, 2008

slipper lip

liquid movements fill my mind and my motion. engaging the diaphragm during deep breathing while laying, quivering on a musty yoga mat. following the tunnel of LED through a solo night run of urban proportions. hopping highway barriers. careening down rocky banks. squishing atop moist bark while only a single goose amongst a flock raises her head and watches you glide past. feeling freshly pumped up slicks rolling silent and fast on a bike path abandoned by the sleeping masses. a tail wind for the return trip. loopy pumping of the path past the river and sweeping turns taken at speed. sweat mixed with the fragrant aftermath of the arc welder. random epiphany; "loving people is not about controlling them. that's not what it's about" as if i needed to have that said aloud to know it rang true. quick stop at the jiffy mart for some late night banter and a bullet of ninkasi. stayed long enough for dew to bead up on everything but my leather saddle. shoved off for home with deep sleep in mind. final satisfaction found in not setting my alarm clock before clicking off the lamp. there is no sleep you can look forward to more than that sleep.

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