Thursday, January 17, 2008


a new day. a deep breath. no rattles, shakes or spits. sun was up and fog was clear. up early, so decided upon a road trip east. took a friend up on an invite to come over and revisit dirt paths that were not taken while playing poker back in october. sascha had designs on running up and down black butte, but her owner, sean, knew better with the snow line. owner wins this time. had a little trouble parking because a momma deer and her fawn were not in any hurry to move out from the middle of his driveway. no worries. i'm not in a hurry, either. the deer in downtown sisters are about tame. just about. yet just wild enough to stay wild. kinda like a feral cat that trusts you enough to safely live in your barn and let you feed him, but not enough to let you pet him. the weather today was fantastic. beautiful, 49 degrees at our 11 o'clock start and just hints of snow and ice in places from where it was 16 degrees last night. up old highway 20 to the five mile hill gave up 180 degree views of all 3 sisters, washington, jefferson, 3 fingered jack, black butte and the peak of mt. adams. quick break for gels and adjustments and we were on the peterson ridge trail system outside of town. beautiful day. little bit of snow, but hard enough to make it so you could just glide over the tops of it. shorts and long sleeve shirts and that fantastic sunlight. nice run, looking forward to returning in a few months to do some racing on the same trail system. popping back in town a half mile from the house. quick stretch, change and it was a short walk downtown for some outdoor seating in the sun, pumpkin soup and veggie bagel sandwich with lemon and avocado spread at angelines bakery. thanks to sean for the tour and the hospitality. thanks to sascha for being the pathfinder she is.
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