Friday, December 7, 2007

apres' work

the path by day and night can be a tale of dual adventures. whether it's the fog of sleepiness that a shower and coffee simply could not shake, or the elation at setting the alarm and locking the door to get out and do what you have spent the last 8 hours supporting the lifestyle of. sometimes you just want to get a little of that bicycle way of life yourself.

i want to focus on the after work. the end of the day is when people tend to truly say, "fuck it" and just let things happen. it's almost like they have resigned themselves to the ending of that particular 24 hours of their life. the cautious optimism that seems to accompany the morning like a hopeful smile and wet hair from the shower pales in comparison to seeing things like finding a guy who had a recumbant bicycle set up on his back porch attached to an indoor trainer spinning in place while looking out over the river. or. this particular 3 speed that was simply parked and abandoned on the river path. not cast aside and laying in the ditch like a discarded sex toy, reeking of crime or theft. but neatly parked like the owner was just off in the shadows smelling a rose or picking the dark. i also saw a guy on all fours creeping down to the creek side to sneak up on the sleeping ducks. shirtless, but he was wearing gloves and a beanie hat.

that said. i do enjoy riding home. snapping turns, rolling through alleys and backstreets avoiding stoplights and bike lanes. getting to the path that allows me to flow with the current, instead of against it. clear nights with bright moons and you can see the water flowing and all that disturbs it's path underneath...beautiful. like a raw, unpolished, skating rink.

when the end of the day comes for me. i makes me want to drink a few beers, get back out into the dark on the bike and see the city before my chariot turns back into the pumpkin.
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