Thursday, July 5, 2007


is there anything more lonely than a used firecracker? is there anything more quickly forgotten?

burrito assault following a full day of butte running, cook out with riders, cook out with runners. despite the sustenance provided, found myself headed out for a burrito verde by the illumination of lithium ion. rolled through ruins of once great explosions and sites of entertainment. carcasses of former fireworks were strewn about in great quantity. sulfur in the air. full recycling bins of glass bottles where brewed embibments once in residence. 90 degree day led to a 78 degree night as of this 2 am writing. gen-ex brethren out and about as well. we are a restless bunch.

celebration of independence. individual. spiritual. sexual. physical. emotional. it's not about the red, white and blue. it's about you. us. your family. your friends. your pets. your choices.

it was a hell of a day to get sprayed with a sprinkler, multiple times. see the same fuzzy antlered 9 point buck lurking around eugene neighborhoods within a 24 hour period. enjoy smiles. jokes. experiences. good food. light clothing and the crochet hats of p-rick. thanks to rod the bod and lord balls for hosting two separate but equally outstanding parties. if only the two wheelers and the foot racers could see eye to eye.

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