Tuesday, July 10, 2007


sepia view of the falcon with his wings clipped. riding after work yesterday despite my attempt to stay away. the chance to ride a strange whip made the short trip to oakridge worth it. trailhead cafe for a late lunch, pre ride snack. middle fork for some easy riding. falcon still clapped out from spinning his tits off on his singlespeed during the cream puff just yesterday. he rode rather than raced, so his body was not filled with achy pain and soreness afterwards. I knew he would do fine, it was the principality of the shit. He crosses the finish line, looks at me and pronounces that "the umpqua is much nicer. fuck this thing." typical falcon. our ride today was the "get the stench of the thing" out of his system. he took a page out of the runners recovery book and eased himself into the river for a soak afterwards. we have a convert to the way...

supposed to be triple digits here today. morning commute seemed just like any other day. i guess hell will have to wait until my short ride over for body work. wu tangPosted by Picasa

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