Thursday, May 10, 2007


(Lord Balls, King of Cool, Three Gels and Bilirubin)

i dont tag my posts. yet, i have been hit with several emails of inquiry from total strangers about the last 3 weeks of my life. interesting that they interested. impressions left with a simple post and a photo. they want to know what the nicknames mean and even guesses as to the true identity of the crew. listen, this photo sums up what you need to know.

we have fun. we train hard, we laugh a lot. don't ask the mileage for each week, or the elevation gain, or what shoes that were worn, or what the heart rate was, or if a gps was worn to check exact mileage. thanks for the questions. these facts mean nothing to me. my experience will not be your experience should you try to replicate it. my kamp was not Bili's kamp. no, i will not pass along the emails of the others to answer the questions that i cannot.

this is a hobby for those seeking a true personal experiment of one. personal being the key word. in this photo we have people who have lost more races than they have won. some of our greatest successes have come after someone else has crossed the finish line in front of us. we do some running as a group, but each journey is within.

i would love to answer the emails with the questions asked above. i am not the person for that type of data. my answer is simple. go experience it for yourself and gather your own set of answers. then they will truly be yours and apply to your personal experience.
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