Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Man. Had to get a jedi master of drains out here with the quickness. Woke up quick, rinsed my french press out in the sink. put the kettle on. walked into the bathroom to do numero uno when I smelt rot. looked in the shower and the contents of the kitchen sink were sitting in the bottom of the shower. threw up a little in my mouf while tagging the inside of the porcelain with the waste byproduct of last nights stout. what to do. Hit the drain with draino max first. nothing. off to lowes for the industrial product. that did nothing except eat the finish off my drain cover. nice. Cussed a bit. ran a bath in the separate bathtub to clean the mind and the body. Coffee, (finally, at noon) from the aforementioned press. now we can think. Yellow pages. Drainmaster Myron and his blue tooth earpiece. Pipe snake through the roof. all 65 feet of it. done. 10 minutes of hot water rinsing and we are back in business and draining clean.

I guess as long as my nugget is going to have this longer hair. I should probably get a hair trap to keep me from having to spend another 70 bucks on this again.

did i mention the smell? funkeh.

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