Saturday, March 31, 2007


Lots of silence. Some harsh words lead to lots of silence in the spoken word, but the demons rage inward.

Took the energy of the silence to McKenzie for some singletrack therapy. Light wind, overcast. Warm. 10 steps into the thing I was glad I had made the drive to come out there. 20 steps into the thing, I was excited to be tapping into the old Brevard daily routine. I had forgotten how sweet it was to thump gentle trails. The lifestyle returns, if only for a moment. Decided on the Deer Creek "Tag your it" run. Steady out to the turn, then tag the sign and roll back. Great day for a roll back. Fatigued from the cumulative, sore in places. It just means I am training. Nothing can diminish the day. The watch was no reclicked after the tag, but I know I was fast. I hear the message in the watch malfunction. It's not about the speed or the run. It's about the moment and that "feeling".

The silence from out, the silence from within.

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